Westfield Chermside will unveil phase 1 of its $355 million redevelopment on Thursday, 6 April. Alongside the array of international high street retailers and Aussie favourites, Westfield will open its doors to an exclusive art exhibition; a collaboration with artist and designer, Dina Broadhurst.

Dina has created bespoke artwork for retailers including Scotch & Soda, SEAFOLLY and Tony Bianco, that will be on display from 6 April to 8 June. Dina says, “I’m thrilled to be working in partnership with Westfield Chermside and to be a part of the transformation of their centre.”

Even before she found success with her intriguing artwork, many knew Dina for her eclectic Sydney interiors. Instagram initially instigated Dina’s success by thrusting her work into the hands of fashion, design and art enthusiasts across the country and abroad, though before this, she said, she had never considered selling her art or making a business out of it.

Her artwork focuses on a variety of elements including femininity, sexuality, escapism, desire, and the perfect face we present to the world.

The untamed natural beauty versus the polished, staged versions we try to present. Dina’s art has been described as ‘an orgy of simplicity’. It  draws the viewer through colour and composition, a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question ‘what is beautiful?’ The images leave you with a pretty picture, but also allows visitors to interpret the art in their own way.

Dina has appeared in group shows within Australia and internationally, but this will be her first solo exhibition with her signature style of mixing photography and collage elements, both in 2D an 3D. She says, “It has been incredible to work with such amazing brands and I’m excited to unveil my work exclusively to shoppers in April!”