Mother-daughter team Donna and Sarah Sculley are passionate about all things creative. Wanting to help people nurture creative ambitions and flex their crafty muscles, the duo created XOXkit, ready-to-go creativity in a box.

XOXkit is an Australian-based subscription box full of supplies and instructions to complete two on-trend creative projects each month. The kit provides subscribers with the inspiration, knowledge, and all necessary materials to try new artistic techniques, perfect for crafting a new year filled with imagination and originality.

“We’re both creative people in different ways, Sarah is an urban artist and I’m a creative all-rounder,” said Donna.

“Yet among our busy lives we both found ourselves looking for bite-sized opportunities to make things for fun, and enjoy the mindful focus that takes over when you’re concentrating on a hands-on project.”

“We found one-off art kits but the results looked dated before we’d even made them, and we just couldn’t see how we’d use them in our homes, so we created our own,” she said.

Each XOX kit comes with two intertwining projects each month, with all the hard work taken care of. XOXkit do the researching, designing, sourcing, purchasing and testing, so all subscribers have to do is follow the easy enclosed instructions (or watch the video if needed), use the included high-quality tools and materials, and have all the fun of creating a beautiful finished product with none of the fuss.

“You can do an entire project in an afternoon, and afterwards there’s no excess materials that go unused – plus, you’ve made a gorgeous creation that can adorn your home straight away,” said Sarah.

Sarah and Donna are bursting with energy and enthusiasm to take their Aussie subscription box and nurture creative spirit and collaboration nation-wide.

“Our goal is to build a community of XOXcrew who share their wins and fails as well as tips and thoughts on their own creative XOXkit adventures,” said Sarah.

“We also have some other creative projects on our blog to keep those creative juices flowing. The sky’s the limit!”

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