Brisbane creative Louise Owen will unveil her first 3D art exhibition Mon Amour at the historic Hanworth House in East Brisbane on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June.

There, the artist will showcase the inspirational global ideas behind her designs for Mon Amour (meaning “my love” in French) from her beloved worlds of art, fashion, architecture and history. Louise’s art showcases strong, feminine shapes and forms, using pops of colour and silhouettes. Her innovative multimedia pieces utilise textured oil paints, jewels and materials.

Each intricate original painting takes the artist two-to-three months to complete – up to 100 hours’ work. Some pieces can even take four to five months to complete and 150 hours of work. The lifelong artist pays joyful homage to classic bygone fashion eras, using vivid textures, paints, colours and lines to tell a story. “My deeply, ingrained love of art and fashion was inspired by a childhood spent growing up in my mother’s drapery store, creating and designing my own fashion,” she says.

The artist paints under the moniker “Elaurante” – which is a meld of her maiden name and a tribute to her late, younger sister. For each original creation, she has also made two limited edition replicas – one on float-mounted, fine cotton rag and one on metal-mount ultra-gloss. This launch will be the first art collection for Elaurante and will show to the public on Friday 22 June from 4 to 6pm and Saturday 23 June from 2 to 4pm .

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