The Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove’s vibrant dining, shopping and entertainment precinct, has welcomed one of the Gold Coast’s renowned fine dining restaurants, with Artichoke Restaurant and Bar officially opening its doors. Formally residing at Ephraim Island,  Artichoke is now at home in a picturesque location overlooking the Sanctuary Cove marina.

With owner and Executive Chef Grant Madgwick calling captain’s orders, diners can expect to enjoy the knowledge and passion that comes along with almost 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. “The joy of making people smile is the greatest gift in the world,” said Grant. “When you dine at Artichoke, it is like you are dining at my home and you can expect to be treated like family and feel welcomed.”

Decked out with polished concrete floors and mood lighting, the ambiance at Artichoke sets the scene for an indulgent experience matched with an extensive bar offering, an oyster bar and live Spanish music on Saturday night and Sunday.

Grant likes to think of his elaborate eatery as the local underdog, delivering diners exactly what they want with an unpretentious undertone Artichoke is renowned for. The extensive menu embraces the diner’s indecisive nature and desire to try a little of everything by offering sample size dishes presenting just a little larger than a standard entree. “At Artichoke we use the European or Asian model of eating where it is about coming together, sharing food and chatting and enjoying wine as you eat,” Chef Madgwick said.

With each dish representing the unique pairing and importantly, balance of flavours, diners can expect international fare expertly prepared and presented with fine dining.

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