Australia’s Stephen Maxwell Johnson has received Special Mention at the 2020 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The Asia Pacific Screen Academy (APSA) honoured filmmakers of the region at special award presentation on Australia’s Gold Coast with local filmmaker Stephen Maxwell Johnson receiving a special mention for the Young Cinema Award with his film High Ground.

 The moving presentation of two major awards, held at Home of The Arts (HOTA) on the Gold Coast, was a celebration of cultural diversity through the region’s cinema as well as a powerful show of support for its future. Hosted by Iranian born Australian presenter Leila McKinnon, the event saw the presentation of two major awards and was attended by Jack Thompson AM PhD, President of the APSA Academy of the region’s filmmakers.

Chair of APSA, Tracey Vieira said, “In a year that has seen the world of cinema put on dramatic pause, it was thrilling to see the APSA 2020 Award Presentation and Forum reinvigorate filmmakers right across our region. The creative energy, diversity and dynamism of all involved demonstrated that the future of screen stories in our region will continue to shine brighter and brighter.”

The Young Cinema Award was won by Indian filmmaker Akshay Indikar for Chronicle of Space (Sthalpuran)Presented by NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian and Asia Pacific Cinema) and Griffith Film School (GFS), the award recognises the abundant emerging talent of the Asia Pacific.

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