Executive Chef at Sydney’s Glebe Point Diner Alex Kearns is set to return to his family holiday campsite to stage a 300 person dinner under the stars on Monday 9 April, as part of this year’s Orange Food Week. In its 27th year, Orange Food Week is one of Australia’s longest running regional food festivals. A highlight of the 10 day food and wine festival, the Autumn Grazing Dinner will see Kearns preparing an array of roving canapés in Carrington Park in charming Blayney village.

Diners will then be escorted by local musicians to nearby Blayney Community Centre where they will enjoy delicious shared style dishes and individual desserts, featuring some of the best seasonal produce from farms within a five kilometre distance of the town centre, including local quark, figs, chestnuts, Angelina plums, wild blackberries, and organic lamb.

Alex is looking forward to returning to Blayney to take on the challenge of delivering the delicious local dining experience for 300 guests. “Blayney is a place I know well. For five years in the 1990s my parents took us camping there every Easter,” he said.

“The Autumn Grazing Dinner at Blayney for the Orange Food Week festival is going to be a wonderful celebration of community. The most exciting part is speaking to locals who are growing weird and wonderful things, often not on a commercial basis.

“Orange is one of those places that always has such delicious food, and we’ve used plenty of Orange region produce and wine over the years at Glebe Point Diner.” The Autumn Grazing Dinner will also include live music from a local jazz band, a dance floor and beverages in the ticket price.

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