Continuing FireWorks Gallery’s Matches 2019 series of paired solo exhibitions, Matches 3 will present Brisbane-born artists Anthony Lister and Scott Redford under the banner BAD Boys from Friday 10 May to Saturday 15 June. Individual and collaborative artworks will be on show throughout the gallery, demonstrating the BAD Boys absurdist and outlandish interpretations of culture and societal values.

Starting with the mezzanine level, Redford’s ARTCASTS series of brazenly gratified prints will be displayed, bearing the classic hallmarks of Redford’s post contemporary thinking.  Lister’s The Kelly Series Minus Five based on Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series will be showcased on the ground floor. Interested in the concept of ‘rebellion’ in the Australian psyche the artist has chosen to repaint and edit in their own style some of the most famous paintings made about the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang originally painted in 1946/47. As well as a charming and intimately sized suite of 22 acrylic on canvas paintings, Lister has recreated life-size Ned Kelly armour from recycled materials, one epic 3.5m painting partnered with a video titled Am I under arrest or am I free to go.

BAD Boys will also showcase a series of five collaborative works titled House of the Rising Son which was completed between 2013 and 2019. As a critique of the institutional sexual abuse scandals which has engulfed the media for decades,  Lister has ‘graffitied” over a glass framed set of Redford’s iconic 2001 Urinal photographs.

FireWorks Gallery Director Michael Eather comments that, “it is always fascinating with these two BAD Boys as they continue to swap roles and play identities on and off one another. As artists they are always taking risks. Audiences continue to champion this attitude!”

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