Crafted tapware company Methven understands the importance of a bathroom to inspire and invigorate, with Methven Plumber Pino Tarquinio sharing his advice to upgrading a bathroom with a few small swaps.

Tarquinio says showers and accessories can instantly update an out-dated bathroom. “You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to spruce up your bathroom,” says Tarquinio. “It can be as simple as screwing a new handset onto your existing hose outlet, or retro-fitting a new rail shower, hand shower or even a twin shower system for a touch of luxury. People automatically assume that installing a new shower is complicated and scary. But in most cases it’s really quite a simple exercise. You can go from a traditional wall shower to a Krome Twin Shower System in just minutes with little DIY skills.”

To prepare for the upgrade, Tarquinio recommends measuring the height of the current shower water outlet from the ground up, keeping in mind who will be using the shower. Once measurements are in hand, visiting a hardware store is the next step, but a new shower does not need to break the bank with options to suit all configurations. “When thinking about how much you want to spend, just be aware that as you go up in price the quality of the product increases and spray technologies like Satinjet, Aurajet and VJet are introduced. Design is important, but experience is worth investing in.”

When it comes to installation, Tarquinio’s number one rule is to read the instructions. He also advises to be wary when drilling through wall tiles. “Be careful when you drill as there are pipes in the wall cavities. A good tip is to use tape to mark your drill bit at about 20 to 25 millimetres so you know when to stop.”

For a complete bathroom upgrade, Pino suggests following the same advice to install matching fittings, such as towel rails and accessories, for a seamless high-end finish. If looking to update tapware fittings, these products are more involved and it is recommended to seek a licenced plumber to carry out the installation of tapware. “People sometimes find it hard to believe, but it really is that easy to take your bathroom up a level,” concludes Tarquinio.

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