A sizzling partnership between The Gambaro Group and Treasury Brisbane has conceived steakhouse Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane, a feast for the senses and an indulgence to the palate.

Entering via Queen Street Mall, the 154-seat restaurant is a luxuriously revamped heritage chamber, mixing old world charm with modern opulence. The corridor to the restaurant features a lightbox highlighting an array of artwork and photos to showcase the history of the Treasury building and The Gambaro Group; and the restaurant’s paddock-to-plate principles using Stanbroke as its only beef supplier. Each of the refurbished intimate rooms inside are cleverly named after the senses they evoke – the Hide Room evoking the sense of touch; both the Carving Room and the Butchers Room the sense of taste; the Paring Room the sense of smell; and the Parlour Room the sense of hearing. The restaurant’s most private space is aptly named the Black Label Room, providing the perfect setting for a tasting of the indulgent menu.

Surrounded by velvet chairs, mirrored ceilings and cascading drapes, guests are fooled – they could be anywhere in the world, the only tell-tale being the spies of the Brisbane Eye glinting through the almost floor-to-ceiling windows. Little touches add to the personality of each room, like butchers knives as door handles. A mix of seafood and beef fare swoop to the table for entrée. Steak Tartare with a colourful assortment of condiments, Calamari with caponata and fried capers, Barbecue Beef Short Ribs so tender they had to be scooped up with a spoon, and ample Italian Meatballs doused in sugo and basil.

But Black Hide is not known for its entrées. World-class Australian steak cuts are the hero cuisine, with the main menu includind two decadent, export-quality steak cuts with an extraordinary marble score (MB) of nine – the highest score by Australian industry standards – as well as two traditional dry aged steak cuts. As a “super beef” renowned for its higher marbling score and intense flavour, the Wagyu steak cuts include an eye fillet MB9 and a sirloin MB9 – both so tender and perfectly caramelised using the Montague Broiler Grill, they melt in the mouth.

The Gambaro Group Director John Gambaro explained the method of preparing the delicate meat. “This traditional method of dry aging the beef on the bone for a minimum of 28 days allows the slow break down of the meat’s natural enzymes,” John said. “When the meat is ready to be used, we remove it from the bone and remove the crust so that the beef underneath is beautifully tender and ready for cooking. The result is meaty goodness bursting with flavour and leaving nothing to the imagination.”

Trailing the Wagyu Eye Fillet MB5+, the Wagyu Sirloin MB5+ and the Angus Rib Eye MB 3+, there can be no favourites. All as divine as each other, the steak is perfectly paired with Rosemary Duck Fat Potatoes, vibrant green Mushy Peas with bancetta, Roast Pumpkin with garlic yogurt and brown butter and Hand Cut Chips with aioli. To finish, a light and creamy Rhubarb Crème Brûlée, served warm.

A cut above the rest, Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane combines Brisbane’s favourites – steak, a good bar, and an almighty view.

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