Brisbane husband and wife Allie and Chris Williams are taking a collaborative approach to fitness in the streets of Milton, launching their Bodhi Yoga and The Fitness Specialist studios on Sunday 18 March. Both businesses take a divergent “east meets west” approach to fitness, incorporating Indian influences from the co-founder’s periods of extended study and training in India.

The co-founders believe exercise should incorporate more than the traditional gym approach taken by many in Brisbane. “People are starting to stand up and notice the benefits of getting their bodies moving in more ways than just going to a boring gym,” Allie said. “By tailoring our services to our clients and focusing on bringing peace and tranquillity to our clients minds’ and bodies, we offer more than just a workout.”

The grand opening event was held at 33 Railway Terrace in Milton and featured free yoga classes, fitness sessions and various information talks on specific community focused health topics. Although run as separate businesses, the two studios share a location and similar values, with the collective purpose to draw further awareness to the importance for Brisbane residents to get involved in fitness.

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