Bulgari debuted its newest jewellery collection with Rome as its backdrop on Thursday 28 June.

Hosted by Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, the debut of its newest collection Wild Pop was a euphoric occasion of extravagance and grandeur. Important guests, socialites and international press gathered at the iconic Stadio dei Marmi anticipating the glamorous celebration. More than 80 luxury pieces were displayed, attributed to electric 80s disco music and Andy Warhol’s pop art for a distinct sparkle of empowerment, experimentation and “joie de vivre.” A collection of high-end masterpieces, each piece delicately crafted for the precise balance of popping colour and exquisite diamond, took central stage at the High Jewellery show.

To launch the night, the High Jewellery show boasted Bulgari’s bold panache of vibrant, glinting gems epitomising Bvlgari’s rule-breaking approach to jewellery while captivating guests in an atmosphere of excitement and awe. All eyes were on Bvlgari’s jewels as models strutted past spectacular marble facades and sculptures of the Stadio dei Marmi. Of these models, entered of 18-year-old Italian model, Giulia Maenza to start and the iconic duo, Pat and Anna Cleveland to close the show.

To everyone’s delight, Bulgari had a surprise in store for the crowd. After dinner, Duran Duran, an alternative English band, transported the guests back to the 80s. Playing a synth-pop soundtrack, guests were allured into a new world of intense liveliness and creativity – a compliment to the style of the collection. To finish the night, another 80s soundtrack by DJ Graziano della Nebbia kept the dream alive, sweeping the guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor to burn off the last of the night’s energy. Pending Wild Pop’s appearance in store, the public waits eagerly for this exclusive collection to become more accessible.

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