Every hotel has a lobby shop – The Calile Hotel has a Museum of Small Things, lovingly known as M.O.S.T. This cosy architectural space speaks to the hotel aesthetic while providing guests and customers with an intelligent selection of all things sleep, treat, resort and relaxation.

Architect Ingrid Richards says each item has been carefully curated with The Calile’s aesthetic in mind. “Practical pieces speak to a gentle humour that underpins its unique identity as an urban resort,” said Ingrid.

Owner and curator Rebecca Malouf says, “My inspiration was to create a space that speaks to the hotel’s manner but has its own personality. I want to stock well-designed interesting basic items that I wanted for myself. I also wanted to champion local makers and labels and hope that travellers will take these beautiful items home with them”. But M.O.S.T. is not like an average lobby shop. “Most importantly. It has no ugly things. If I don’t want it for my own, we do not stock it.”

Offering an eclectic array of labels and designs, M.O.S.T. provides guests and visitors to The Calile an opportunity to own something that when used will transport them back their experience of the hotel. For a true memento, The Calile merchandise is also available for a lasting reminder.

The shop itself has its own distinct identity, adding yet another interesting retail offering to the James Street mix. “M.O.S.T. is a playful extension to the hotel – where we don’t have to play it so safe” states Malouf. “My vision is to build upon where we have begun. I would like to collaborate with Australian designers and do season launches or pop ups for Australian resort labels.”
Drawing inspiration from The Store in Berlin and Alex Eagle Studio in London – M.O.S.T. carries a select range of interesting items with a local flavour.

M.O.S.T. proves that good things do indeed come is small packages.

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