We have discovered even more, how important the home is. The things that make us love it, and really make it ours. We are what we live in. Now more than ever, a home is for living, dining, sleeping, working, playing, and everything in between. A sequence of daily retros, they give objects a real meaning. Here day after day, we write our history, creating a total look for a contemporary home.

Understanding the most diverse personality, and dressing their styles, the Calligaris mission is to offer authentic experiences. Thanks to contemporary design for daily life. With customising, making beauty and function and participating desire the characteristics that define our believe. Only this way Calligaris create spaces that fit your needs.

With 100 years of experience, and 100 per cent Italian DNA, the brand is proud of its roots. A team of people who love hard work, enjoy the sweetness of living and harmony of nature. A nature that respects, the first value for those who thinks of the entire planet as your home.

Calligaris is home

Warm, welcoming, for the whole home, a wide range of products, customisation. Not just chairs and tables but an offer for the whole house in its most intimate and beautiful sense.

Calligaris is authentic

Real, convivial, straightfoward, accessible, beyond trends. Beyond the concept of the simple home of contemporary design, focused on the idea of lasting in time products.

Calligaris is design

Practical, ingenious, refined, contemporary, Italian. With its elegant and contemporary design and especially its smart and functional products, is one of the main protagonist all over the world.

Calligaris is trusted

Nearly 100 years experience, global presence, customer care, know-how. Founded in 1923, is a reliable company, part of a group in full expansion, located in a territory where there is a deep culture of know-how, which is today one of its main force. Products are made for real life, for real people and to improve their lives.

Head in, take a seat and make yourself at home. You will feel welcome in the new Calligaris world, available at Design Initial.