Brisbane Arcade will celebrate its 95th anniversary next year, with its exclusive fashion and jewellery retailers offer chic holiday inspiration to really make an entrance this festive season.

Brisbane Arcade’s leading designers include Darb Couture, Irma J Smith House of Fashion, Maiocchi, Pia du Pradal and Tengdahl along with many other fashion and accessories boutiques offering leading Australian and international labels including 2020 Optical, Keri Craig Emporium, Indepal, Brisbane Hatters and Belle Folie.

Irma J Smith’s inspiration and focus is on making women look glamorous regardless of age. The creation of their latest bespoke couture Irma J Smith and ready-to-wear Miss Smith Collections labels promise a Christmas season of great joy.

Pia du Pradal’s Summer collection takes inspiration from Australia’s tropical rainforests and coral reefs. This vibrant and elegant collection has been designed with contemporary women in mind, whose busy holiday season may take them from a Christmas brunch to a cocktail party with clever, flexible additions to one outfit.

From all things French, frilled, floral and fabulous, you don’t need to be in Paris to dress like a French girl this Noel. With a colour palette of lilac and green plus favourite blues and reds, Maiocchi’s ‘Pardon my French’ collection celebrates the romance of wonderfully pretty dresses, delicate ruffles, softly pleated skirts and effortless silhouettes that are elegant, give you shape and are easy to wear.

Brisbane Hatters offers a new concept, bringing a little extra old-world charm back to Brisbane, as well as providing this fine city with the a selection of traditional and modern hats. Brisbane Hatters stock brands from all over the world including Irish tweeds, French berets, Ecuadorian panamas and Greek fisherman’s caps, as well as hats from a little closer to home, including Hills Hats of New Zealand and of course a huge range of Australian made Akubra hats.

Whatever your traditions, Brisbane Arcade’s selection of stylish ideas ensure you celebrate Christmas in style.

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