Brisbane hairdresser Jean-Lou Bijoux has been in the styling business for more than 36 years. Having been in the business for the majority of his life, he has come to understand how he wants to run his own Highgate Hill salon Chignon Hair – namely, ensuring the customer is always 100 per cent happy before they step foot outside his salon.

“I had enough of working in salons where I felt like a robot, and treated people like they were only a bank account,” said Jean-Lou. “My belief is treat people the way you want to be treated.” As a child, Jean-Lou had dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, “like Yves Saint Laurent” and would create dresses for Barbie doll, entering his designs into local competitions. Fitting hand in hand, Jean-Lou would also cut Barbie’s hair too, trialing new colours and styles to suit his outfits.

After twelve years of running Chignon Hair, the clientele for his salon has grown, and most customers are now not only loyal, but considered friends. They trust Jean-Lou and furry mascot Loulou with their hair because of his focus on old fashion customer service.

Jean-Lou says he chose his salon for its “magnificent feel,” and diversity of community, saying he “always calls it a box of Liquorice Allsorts” or a bit of everything. Mr Bijoux said he likes to give his customers his full attention and ensures he listens to their needs.

If they are choosing a style that would be difficult to manage, he advises them – especially if the cost of upkeep for the hair could be more expensive than expected. Working one on one with clients, not pushing any particular hair products and having a complete understanding of the industry is what helps Mr Bijoux succeed. He said of his clients, “without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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