Art Series Hotels will challenge its guests to grab a spray can, mask up and leave their mark on the walls of three of its properties from Monday 15 October to Sunday 30 December. The hotels will open a white-washed room at The Johnson, Spring Hill hotel to be transformed into a collective canvas as part of a participatory art project.

Famed for daring campaigns inspired by the latest trends in art and travel, Colour Your Stay will rely on guests to help create an ever-changing mural and become part of the shared experience. A pioneer of the Australian street art and stencil movement, Luke Cornish (aka ELK) will lead the project. In a nod to the hotels namesake artists, he will create bespoke artwork for the location, a portrait of Michael Johnson, that guests are called on to complete. Upon check in hotel staff will share instructions and guests can register to participate. A variety of tools, such as spray cans and masks, will be available for guests to use in the room, with each person given two minutes to unleash the artist within. Transgressing the “look but don’t touch” restriction of conventional gallery culture, the stark white interior will be transformed as hundreds of collaborators leave their mark.

Cornish says of his involvement in the campaign, “I’m thrilled to be working with Art Series Hotels on Colour Your Stay. Their dedication to supporting urban art and all of its wonderful satellite genres is a passion I share and I’m really excited to see what we create together with guests.”

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