Brisbane restaurant Corbett & Claude is already celebrating Christmas at both its Elizabeth Street and Garden City locations after the launch of a new menu.

Corbett & Claude Owner and Director Tim Johnson said the success both locations have had is beyond their expectations and the core to this success has been simple, listening to customers and giving them what they want. “Brisbane is one of the greatest culinary opportunities for restaurateurs in Australia with the diversity of customers, the changing habits of how people eat out, it has created the perfect environment,” Tim said. “Our Garden City restaurant is consistently operating at over 30 per cent higher than this time last year,” he said. “To keep this growth going our head chefs and I have worked tirelessly to create a new menu that reflects what customers are asking for, which is quality authentic meals that aren’t overly complicated and designed to be shared.”

In addition to the new menu, Corbett & Claude also revised their cocktail menu with more than 20 cocktails created in-house by their Head of Drinks, Jesus Molina, who has more than 20 years’ experience. “The entire team and I have worked incredible hard to make sure that our customers don’t see us as just another restaurant, but an extension of their kitchen where they don’t need to cook or clean, just sit back and enjoy the experience,” Tim said.

Corbett & Claude will have more to celebrate in the New Year as they get ready to open their newest restaurant in Everton Park in the first half of 2019 as part of the new laneway dining precinct at Everton Plaza.

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