Pizza bar Corbett & Claude has released a limited edition pizza, dubbed Australia’s Sexiest Pizza, to celebrate National Pizza Day and Valentine’s Day, available until Thursday 14 February.

Corbett & Claude Owner and Director Tim Johnson said they want couples across Brisbane to come in and not only enjoy Australia’s Sexiest Pizza, but enjoy their time together and keep the romance and excitement in their relationship going. “This pizza is perfect for two, the flavour profile is fantastic with all the ingredients having aphrodisiac type qualities to help with enhancing the mood,” Tim said. “It includes delicious figs, prosciutto, parmesan cheese and it is finished off with lashings of an amazing truffle oil to bring it all together, it is pretty amazing. There is no doubt life is better shared and the easiest way for couples to do this is over great food, we wanted to create something special ahead of Valentine’s Day so there is plenty of time for people to plan a date night.”

Brisbane Sexologist and Relationship Therapist Jocelyn Klug says that sharing a meal together is a wonderful way for couples and those forming a relationship to connect but there are certain things everyone needs to be mindful of to avoid hurting a relationship. “The key is tuning out any distractions and giving the other person your undivided attention truly listening to what they are saying, far too many couples are tuning out from each other and allowing technology and other factors negatively impact their relationship,” Jocelyn said. “Have realistic expectations of your partner, make sure you are openly communicating, sharing your feelings and acknowledging the good things in your relationship, and remember intimacy starts with words. It may seem simple, but sharing a meal together allows you the time to share yourself with the other person and Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for this, the more often you are able to do this the more it can help a relationship.”

Corbett & Claude will be launching more than mood enhancing menu items this year with the launch of their newest restaurant in Everton Park in the first half of 2019 as part of the new laneway dining precinct at Everton Plaza.

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