Meeting through a dating app, David Sawyer and Fleur Sharpe’s connection was strong from the beginning. “It was completely obvious from even the first messages that David and I clicked,” Fleur said. “We finally met face to face for a drink at Gambaro’s bar on Caxton Street one Tuesday evening and we haven’t been apart since.”

To execute the perfect proposal, David recruited Fleur’s dearest friend Marisa Vecchio, owner of heritage property Hanworth House. Brought to Hanworth one rainy Friday afternoon under false pretences, as the weather eased, Marisa suggested she and Fleur go to the roof. “When I climbed the stairs I discovered David, dressed in his best suit, standing on the roof lookout with flowers, and a velvet box in his hand. As he went down on one knee, the sun came out and a full, vibrant rainbow shone over Hanworth House. Of course, it was a big yes!”

Jimbour House was for Fleur the ultimate wedding venue, having been enchanted with the property since her childhood obsession with television drama Return to Eden. A family connection to the local area reinforced the decision. With a background in event management, Fleur was eager to plan her own wedding. Sourcing suppliers was simple. “I didn’t really have to look far outside my immediate circle of friends to plan our wedding,” she said. “Tracey Watkins from White Label Noba is a close friend. I was wearing White Label on my first date with David, and when he proposed, so it wasn’t even a decision to have Tracey make the dress.” Tracey and Fleur collaborated on a dress that captured the essence of Fleur and the spirit of White Label Noba. “In the end, it wasn’t actually a dress but a fitted and beaded body suit and the most sumptuous, frothy tulle skirt.”

Bespoke footwear completed the ensemble. “Last year David surprised me with a pair of limited edition gold RM Williams boots, which I decided would make the perfect wedding shoes,” Fleur said. “I had a custom pair of RMs created for David with a personal message embossed into the soles.” Fleur’s step mum Lynn delivered the shoes to David while he was getting dressed for the wedding, an emotional surprise for the groom.

Craig Smith of Fruition Style Ambition has been Fleur’s hairdresser for more than 25 years and happily drove the six-hour round trip to make Fleur’s hair perfect. Photographic talents were furnished by Fleur’s longtime friend Katrina Christ. Working in the food industry herself, Fleur wanted the catering to be amazing. Renowned Brisbane chef Philip Johnson of E’cco Bistro lent his culinary expertise to the event, with his team providing catering. Adding a personal touch to the menu, Fleur baked the wedding cake herself using a recipe inspired by her great grandmother’s beloved fruit cake.

“The day went perfectly. There were no dramas, just a lot of love.”