A brand spanking new sandwich bar has opened up in Bulimba- Crumb, which prides itself on gourmet sangas done well.  The premise for the concept was simple – a home for back-to-basics sandwiches, steering away from the saturated market producing beef brisket and pulled pork style sandwiches.

The menu, created by renowned chef Ben Williamson, features six sandwiches that were created once a gap in the market was recognised by founder – Jordan Trottemant. The six sandwiches are made to ensure that they suit all taste buds.

They include: The Roma, with stracciatella, roma tomato and basil; The Mortadella with mortadella, provolone, green olive mascarpone and radicchio; The Plowman’s Grill with ham, mustard, pickles, cheddar, iceberg, parmesan; The Green Out with avocado, zucchini, spinach, pesto, feta,  Za’tar and lime; The Cubano with ham, roast pork, mustard, swisse cheese, coriander, pickled peppers and the venetian with just mozzarella.

The shop is opened from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm daily. In addition Crumb also serves coffee, making the perfect duo of coffee and sanga. Although Crumb has only opened for approximately a month, it has already gained a multitude of praises, about the great service, tasty sandwiches and high quality coffee.

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