According to Trung Vien, creator of hair growth company Hair Folli, hair growth concerns are silently affecting thousands of Australians. “We underestimate the problem because not even the people who have it are talking about it,” Vien said.

“After speaking with so many Aussies about their experiences and always hearing the same thing – ‘nothing works’ – I decided to act.  I consulted with a team of scientists to develop a product that does help to facilitate hair growth. “Our first product, Hair Folli, a spray on formula, is made with a potent natural ingredient, the Kakadu Plum – the world’s richest source of vitamin C and antioxidants.   It has antiseptic properties and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles.

“In undertaking further research into the problem of hair loss, I also found that derma rolling is a technique used with great success and can further stimulate the work of hair loss products like Hair Folli. This is the reason why I decided to launch my own derma roll product. Sometimes known as micro-needling, derma rollers are hand-held devices that have revolutionised so many people’s hair growth journeys.”

Vien has listed seven reasons you should try derma rolling for hair growth, and some of the advice might surprise you.

1/ Don’t Fork Out Thousands. “Not many people know until they’re sitting in a doctor’s office, that hair growth and rejuvenation procedures can cost thousands of dollars. Not only is this kind of price tag out of range for a lot of people, the techniques are also often incredibly invasive.  For a quality at-home reusable derma roller, you can expect to pay up to $50,” Vien said.

2/ Do It From Home. During isolation, we have learnt a lot of things – most significantly, that self care should be incorporated as an important part of our weekly routine. “One of the best things about derma rollers is that you don’t need to leave the house. Depending on how quickly your scalp heals and the length of the micro needles, most people do not need to use their derma roller more than once a week for effective results. We cannot recommend adding a derma roller into your self care routine more. It can often be a relaxing, satisfying process,” Vien added.

3/ Relax, it is a One-Person Job. “Similarly to derma rolling your face, the process is as simple as running the micro needling tool across your scalp,” Vien said. “For optimal hair growth, I recommend performing derma rolling on a damp, clean scalp with a sterilised roller. Freshly washed and combed hair reduces the risk of hair pulling and makes the process easier overall. Once you have passed the roller over your scalp several times, taking generally less than 10 minutes, I would suggest applying a natural hair oil to nourish the freshly punctured follicles.”

4/ Backed by Science. Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of derma rolling for hair growth. Derma rollers create small punctures on the surface of your scalp, saturating the local area with inflammatory molecules and triggering your body’s natural reaction to wound healing to improve follicular growth. “Through clinical research, studies and trials, derma rolling has been proven to treat hair loss. It is safe to use and scientifically backed,” Vien said.

5/ Use a Quality Roller. “Derma rollers come in a variety of different designs and styles.   My advice is only purchase a derma roller from a business or website dedicated to hair loss.   Do your research and read the reviews,” Vien said.

6/ Sanitise, Sanitise, Sanitise. “Derma rollers are health and wellbeing products and the needles do penetrate your skin.   So it is important to ensure that you clean it fully and sanitise it with an appropriate product.  Make sure you store it in a dry place,” Vien said.

7/ Form the Ultimate Dream Team with Topical Treatments. Derma rolling also aids in the absorption of topical treatments that are used to treat hair loss. “Once you have finished your derma roller treatment, your scalp will benefit from natural growth promoting products like our Hair Folli botanical-based spray,” Vien added.

“As a company we are very excited to launch our latest product, the Hair Folli derma roller.  We now offer the ultimate hair growth duo for anyone who is struggling with hair loss. Our Hair Folli Spray has been received so well by our customers and we cannot wait to take their hair growth journey to the next level with our new derma roller.”

Hair Folli donate one hundred percent of profits from every product sold to multiple mental health charities. Hair Folli spray and the new derma roller can be purchased online through Hair Folli’s website.

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