Off the Rack is being revised after five years of laying dormant, relaunching at Peregian Beach Community House on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday 17 June.

Fashion designers, fashion agents and fashion retailers make up the stall selection, selling seconds, samples, last season, and some are selling current season. Founder Jacinta Richmond says she is excited to bring the markets back to the coast. “The Sunshine Coast is privileged to have numerous markets across the region but while other cities and regions have designer specific markets, we don’t, well not for the last five years,” Jacinta said.

It is a great way for retailers, agents and designers to network plus a great way for the public to support local creative talent, not to mention the tourists who love to experience the markets in our region and to discover our fashion industry. Off the Rack gives customers the unique experience of being able to buy from the designer directly. It also gives designers the chance to interact with their customers during the markets.

Off the Rack first began around 2010. The event supports fashion designers by providing an outlet to establish their brands by selling new season, old season and samples. Off the Rack took a break for a couple of years and returns on a monthly basis as a market on the Sunshine Coast in 2018. Teaming up with the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival Off the Rack is ready for an exciting 2018 season. With free entry for shoppers, nothing can stop fashion lovers from coming up and browsing through all of the different fashions this market can present.

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