Nowadays, destination weddings are all the rage. They are the best of both worlds — combining a celebration with the people you love and a getaway vacation in one. Usually, they are a much bigger spectacle than the traditional church set-up, with many of them stretching into day-long parties and nights to remember. It is important to dress accordingly, and what you wear can make the event feel all the more special.

If your destination wedding is scheduled in the summer, you will probably be under the sun at some point. Stocking up on sunscreen is a given, but packing a hat can give you added protection without compromising style. This oversized ASOS hat delivers an effortlessly luxurious appeal, while its straw material allows it to be paired with practically anything. You can even stay on-trend by going for wide-brimmed or floppy options.

Simple dresses have the ability to look timeless no matter what the occasion is, but you can keep your ensemble feminine and breezy with these options from Woman Within. Thanks to their combination of loose silhouettes and classy designs, they will make sure you’re comfortable and photo-ready throughout the ceremony. Moreover, an elegant, breathable dress can take you anywhere from the beach to the countryside, or from the ceremony to the dance floor. Think light lace applique, draping fabric, and off-shoulder picks fit for a modern Greek goddess.

Some weddings already have a dress code or colour palette that is pre-determined by the couple. Once you have got those guidelines in check, see if you can explore beyond solid-coloured clothing. Samantha Ogilvie’s recommendations feature intricate floral patterns and colourful stripes, proving that patterned clothing is here to stay. You can make things even more exciting by mixing patterns together.