Upgrading one’s furnishings can be an expensive and time consuming endeavour. Finding edgy bits and pieces that contrast nicely with the existing interior of your home, and with each other can be challenging, and discarding unwanted items seems unnecessary.

Dulux’s latest innovation in painting, Duramax Spray, enables you to revitalise your household items with a lively personality. Available to serve a wide range of functions, such as providing a metallic rose gold finish or sealing terracotta, Duramax Spray requires no extra tools and can be easily applied by those just starting out in the world of amateur home decorating.

Home decorators need only spray Duramax onto the project at hand as the quick fire coating is dry to the touch after 20 minutes. In particular, Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish delivers an antique crackle finish to to everyday homewares, from decorative accessories to shelving and furniture. The Chalky Finish is intended to transform hum-drum homewares to firm statement features, and can be applied to a variety of painted surfaces such as metal, timber and plaster. The White Crackle variety is the perfect addition to any uniformly black or grey photo frames, lamps, stools and the like.

The flecks of white paint move and merge together to give the illusion of greater depth and dynamism. Uniformly black or grey counters can dampen the jovial, busy mood typically associated with the open living areas of the family home. Spontaneous, sprawling white lines break up the space, and they enhance the vitality of other light coloured interiors. Duramax Spray is the perfect, humble companion to any homeowner eager to show their home some love over the weekend.