Alice Springs-based sustainable fashion label Fern & the Wolf will be attending the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival at The Sebel for the first time in October this year, with carefully curated designs from its most recent collection.

Born from the desire to create beautiful, ethically made fashion pieces that can be treasured year upon year, Fern & the Wolf was launched when its Co-Founder and Head Designer Jen Pauli experienced the benefits of slow living first hand in Tonga, sparking Jen’s love for re-usable, ethically made products. Now living back in Australia, Jen continues to incorporate sustainable practices into everything she does. This includes the management of Fern & the Wolf, where all aspects of the supply chain are considered. Jen insists only high quality natural fibres are to be used for the garments, which are hand sewn in small-scale, ethical factories in Indonesia. “There are still many things we can do, but if we start small step by step we will hopefully get it to a place where we can say every single element is sustainable,” says Jen.

Fern & the Wolf does not aspire to jump into the fast-fashion industry, instead preferring to focus on timeless pieces that push back on traditional fashion standards. Garments are designed with previous seasons in mind, allowing customers to mix and match new with old, winter with summer. “It all started growing up, my beautiful mum made a lot of our clothes. She also taught me about colours and dressing to your body. I have always turned my shoulder on trends and been quite unique, so learning to create my own pieces allowed me to create the exact style I was after,” continued Jen.

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