Fortitude Valley will welcome new laneway precinct California Lane come July. The revival and construction of California Lane will be an extension of Bakery Lane and Winn Lane, expanding the Valley’s fashion and food scene. The laneways are a community providing a versatile space for innovative and emerging brands, studios, cafes, salons, bars, and boutiques. Bakery Lane and Winn Lane are where Brisbane individuals seek unique items and outfits with an international flair, with the mix of cultures giving the laneways the edge locals desire.

The current lanes offer stores such as Destacarse Boutique in Bakery Lane where exotic and colourful pieces from Spain, Morocco, America and Australia can be found; Sen Studio at Winn Lane offering Vietnamese inspired silk, linen and cotton wear; and Sunday Social a vintage store which offers the styles of bohemian Brooklyn. Due to the rarity of craft pieces, one-off artisan designs and vintage treasures, these boutiques are a spot for fashion-forward junkies to snap up the most exclusive trends.

Bakery Lane and Winn Lane’s eateries and restaurants serve up food and beverage to match the tastes of its crowd. This includes cocktails from The Apo, burgers from Ben’s Burgers, cupcakes from Cakes and Shit, avocado on toast from The New Black and sweets from Le Petit Paris Bakery.

The laneways of Fortitude Valley are a space of commercial innovation in the local fashion and hospitality marketplace where style meets social, are a feast for the eyes and an ideal spot for dining in style.

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