Every home is different, so too is every kitchen and the individual refrigeration needs of Australian families. By looking at the refrigerator buying trends in the market LG was able to establish that many kitchens, and its fridge alcove spaces in particular, were not able to fit a full sized french door fridge. This meant that a strong demand existed for a narrower option in the french door design – which is one of the fastest growing segments in the fridge category.

As a result LG set about designing a new slim french door fridge range to fit some of the narrower alcove widths found in many existing Australian kitchens. This new product design meant that fridge alcove spaces would no longer be an issue when customers were looking at a premium kitchen makeover or fridge upgrade. The slim french door fridge range from LG is designed to fit an alcove width of just 850 millimetre, while still prioritising functionality and stylish design. It delivered many of the benefits of a full sized french door fridge such as a variety of storage options and wide unobstructed shelves to accommodate large entertaining platters in a slightly more compact design.

In addition to a new door design, LG’s slim french door fridges also boast features such as an inverter linear compressor, which helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products for longer, an air deodoriser, which minimises refrigerator odours, and retractable shelves that can be slid back and adjusted to cater for taller or inconveniently sized items.

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