Moving towards presenting more art in the outdoor space and developing their outdoor curatorial program, Home of the Arts (HOTA) presents three unique and exciting outdoor works to give people a taste of what’s to come as they prepare for the new HOTA Gallery, set to open in 2020.

The first work to appear is HOTA’s 2018 Christmas Commisson, The Forum by Makers Take. Makers Take responded to the commission, which encouraged Gold Coast artists to reimagine Christmas in a more contemporary way, by proposing that a modern Aussie Christmas is about togetherness. The sculptural-like furniture, in a playful bright red, forms a seating installation designed to help us talk, connect and be together. Found behind HOTA’s new Outdoor Stage, art lovers can pack a picnic, fire up the barbecue and come together at The Forum this festive season.

Field Drawing #1 by Kerrie Poliness, is the next work to appear at HOTA. This choreographed artwork comes in the form of a drawing made with a sports field line-marker from a set of step-by-step instructions provided by the artist, resulting in a beautiful array of temporary lines reminiscent of natural patterns of growth. Made from a composition of triangles and diamonds, this conceptual piece of art encourages exploration and begs to be photographed.

The final new work is Callum Morton’s irreverent Monument #23: Helter Shelter, a piece of street furniture rendered in the form of an emergent Donald Trump head which is hollowed-out and replete with inferno flames and bench seating. Merging sculpture and architecture with a dose of humour, this monumental work by the internationally recognised artist aims to be experienced and functional; encouraging a place to take shelter in the case of summer rain.

The local community is encouraged to come along and interact with these outdoor exhibits.

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