Mother daughter duo Bridget and Izabella Thynne are behind House of Torso fashion label which is set to launch its collection on November 23. Izabella Thynne is following in her mother Bridget’s footsteps to create meaningful designs to complement distinctive body types, skin tones and personalities. They call these `The core qualities’.

Originally launched in 1990 by Bridget Thynne, House of Torso was in the midst of the new and evolving world of spandex. Bridget brought what was then known as aerobic wear to Brisbane where she was working and manufacturing from home with three other employees. They were being sold to over 30 stores ranging from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Now, 20 years later, daughter Izabella Thynne is relaunching with the mindset to create garments that carry on to the street and represent her roots of South of France.

House of Torso envisions to introduce a brand new ray of Australian made creativity to the world. Inspired by the vibes of French Riviera, CEO Izabella Thynne hopes to create her own path within the fashion industry. House of Torso is working to bring a diverse and luxurious range of garments that men and women of all ages, all styles and all genders are able to wear in and out of the gym. Not only this, but Bella has big plans on keeping the original 90s vibes in her collections, with a modern and sustainable twist.

Not only this, but young Thynne is creating a business through conscious and mindful practices, with the goal to reduce carbon footprints as much as she can. She aims to educate and inspire our loving customers to not only feel good wearing our products, but feel good buying them too. Five per cent of every purchase goes directly to The Great Barrier Reef foundation.

With more than 60 reef-saving initiatives being implemented right now, this foundation is the Reef action centre, bringing people and scientists together to preserve this invaluable ecosystem and its aquatic animals, she says.

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