Spring Hill’s new independent, co-educational and secular senior high school for Years 11 and 12 students, IES College, is holding its Open Day on Saturday 29 May from 10am to 2pm.

The Program for the IES College Open Day is now out. This is a chance to have all your questions answered, hear from the Principal, learn more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and attend a series of interactive workshops and Q&A.

During the event, you will hear how students at IES College are not required to wear uniforms. They reap the benefits of extended personal freedoms and responsibilities in regards to their learning. Students meet their Student Success Advisor every week to discuss their learning, special projects or general wellbeing. You’ll also hear how IES College promotes a holistic approach to learning, and encourages students to become independent, motivated and resilient learners.

In a small boutique environment, students gain a personalised educational experience. They graduate as culturally aware and sensitive individuals, critical and creative thinkers and master problem solvers. During the open day, you will also hear that class starts at 9.30am, a later start than usual because the college has done its homework and knows what teenage brains and bodies need to flourish. Depending on the student’s interests and subject choice, their schedule will contain a mix of classroom-based lessons but also labs, study, or outdoors activities, so every day is different at IES College.

Place are limited at IES College Open Day, so remember to check the program and register now!  https://enquiries.iescollege.com/open-day-registration/

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