The real estate and property management sector is about to experience some major disruption with the arrival of the first fully integrated property management solution in the form of app Instarent.

Instarent is a simple app which features a range of functionalities designed to connect property owners, tenants and tradies directly all in one simple place. Created by AJ Chand, a property investor with property management and digital cybersecurity experience under his belt, Instarent gives property investors the power to manage their own properties with ease.

Chand worked in real estate for years before he realised there had to be a better way to manage properties. His new app, Instarent, is the culmination of all of his experience. “Straight after school I studied real estate and did property management,” Chand said today. “Every day, I was just buried under piles of documents, constantly seeking out important information, and working overtime. The reality is that most property managers are overloaded with too many properties to manage.”

When Chand bought his own investment property, and was seriously let down by his estate agency, he took matters into his own hands and managed his own property. “Honestly, I just created a spreadsheet of all the documents I needed to manage my property,” Chand added. “I was communicating better with my tenants, solving problems almost on the spot, and everyone was much happier. It made me wonder why anyone bothers with property managers at all.”

With this bit of inspiration, Chand created Instarent, an app that puts tenants, landlords, and tradies in one place. Tenants can search for properties and communicate directly with landlords to find the home of their dreams. Landlords can rent their properties without a property manager, allowing for direct communication and easier relationships with tenants. Tenants and landlords can also list repair jobs and contact tradies on the app. I want Instarent to become a kind of one stop shop for property management, renting, and maintenance.

“Landlords can control all of their finances from one place, tradies can contact clients, and tenants can communicate with their landlords. Property management has been a maze of paperwork and third parties for too long. While incredibly simple to use, Instarent is actually a highly sophisticated App which incorporates a number of important features including the ability for property owners to list properties, schedule inspections, implement tenancy agreements, manage income and expenses, send rental reminder notices, issue receipts, generate statements for tax purposes, and find, book and pay tradies.

“Although Instarent has only just launched, the positive feedback has been overwhelming with many people suggesting ideas for new functionality. As a result, we have already identified a range of new features we would like to introduce based on feedback from really happy users.”

Instarent is likely to grow in popularity quickly with many property investors looking for better and more cost effective ways to manage their own investments. Instarent can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.