Australian hairdresser Jules Tognini has created a new straight-shooting hair loss prevention brand joebloe.

Clinically tested, the products are a mix of peptide tablets and topical solutions, helping men of any age regrow and maintain strong, healthy hair without the fuss.

Jules, along with brother Kristian and Trav White, have created joebloe to remove the stigma from hair loss through conversation, education and a new product offering. joebloe provides a subscription service which will see products delivered direct to the customer every three months.

The course of tablets and topical solution fits easily into a daily routine, making it simple to provide hair follicles with the nutrients required to sustain hair growth.

joebloe products stand in stark contrast to clinical hair loss products currently available on the market, with subdued packaging blending into showers or bathrooms so as to not draw attention.

On how the brand was born, Jules notes, “we’re three guys that realised hair will inevitably vacate the premises at some point. So we thought we’d do something about it. No fuss, no dodgy ads or test cricketers. 

“We put our slowly balding heads together to create an effective product that takes back follicles from age, maintains and keeps hair strong and promotes further growth.”

The joebloe team want to make it easy for men to understand why hair loss occurs, what they can do to reverse the effects and, most importantly, make it easy to purchase the right products, offering information and tips on the brand’s website. When it comes to product efficacy, clinical trials have shown that men should start to see their hair strengthen within three months and hair follicles starting to regrow hair by around six months of continuous usage.

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