Kaleidoscopic Travel is a travel design company, designing holidays based on an individual’s personality, likes and dislikes, and budget.

Founder of Kaleidoscopic Travel Marie Sulda says the most common question she gets asked is why should a traveler invest in a travel agent, when they can research holidays themselves online.

“We are now moving into an era of travel by design,” said Marie. “Every traveler is looking for a unique holiday experience.”

Marie’s travel experts design itineraries to suit the interests of their clients, including style of accommodation and mode of transport. 

Bookings range from local apartments and villas through to luxury six star hotels, local experiences, guides, tours, and cruises.

“We are drawing on over 100 years of travel experience between our Travel Designers … They really know the best clothes to pack, what luggage will suit their client’s adventure and how to pack for the destination they are visiting. Our clients are time poor and there is nothing worse than running around to several shops before your holiday trying to pick up individual items… Now they have a one stop shop and it will be delivered to their door.”

Travel Designers are trained to curate individual experiences for customers within their own personal price range and then recommend any accessories that may make their trip easier prior to departure.

The company aims to provide unique travel experiences that will change a person’s perspective on the world for the better.

“A good Travel Designer is like a chameleon, they will be able to put themselves in your shoes and design a holiday that is about you.”

When choosing a Travel Designer, Marie recommends checking the Designer’s social media accounts and blogs to see if you have similar styles, check whether the Designer has been to the destination you are travelling to, and identify what the Designer specialises in, and if this will suit the needs of the holiday being planned.

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