Sunshine Coast based Australian underwear subscription brand KNOBBY has just launched a new limited run winter apparel range that features a retro Australiana theme.

KNOBBY Founder and Creative Director Rob Rand said the new winter range is a big moment for KNOBBY as the first seasonal apparel range where they have worked with artists to bring their designs alive.

“We’ve always wanted to do a seasonal apparel range that would be appealing to long term KNOBBY fans, but also catch the eye of people who are discovering KNOBBY for the first time and get them are immediately drawn in by our witty, cheeky and colloquial Aussie nature,” Rand said. “Everything we’ve included in our winter range has been created to keep you warm, comfy and looking awesome so you can wear it around the house and just as easily wear it out and about.”

The range has been tailored for those working from home who are looking for something comfy to wear that will not upset the boss if a last minute video call is sprung on them. Since launching in 2014, Rand said KNOBBY had grown from strength to strength with the brand sending out more than 350,000 pairs of underwear last year and working with some of Australia’s most sought after artists, entertainers and professional athletes.

Rand said consumers know what they want in a brand. “They want whatever they’re purchasing to be an extension of their personality, whether it is a pair of undies or a jumper, they want something that fits in with their lifestyle. From the day we started KNOBBY we’ve also focused on making our customers feel like they are part of the brand and give them that sense of excitement every time they receive their monthly subscription or that something extra they have bought to treat themselves.”

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