Returning with its authentic Americana spin, Lefty’s Music Hall will officially reopen its doors in late February with its first live set.  The honkey tonk, saloon style bar will reopen its whisky-brimmed doors under new management, Hallmark Group Australia.

Group Marketing Manager Tammy Wood said reviving the iconic Brisbane venue was a no-brainer opportunity. “Everyone has a story at Lefty’s, it has so much history within its walls and we wanted to be part of preserving that, we look forward to bringing Lefty’s back to life. From the live music to the whisky apples, it’s the overall theme and experience people want to recapture over and over.  We’re excited to re-create and re-energise what everyone loved about Lefty’s and more. The entertainment is what makes this venue one of a kind,” she said.

Hallmark Group Australia have promised that Lefty’s will have the same jaunty originality, iconic southern flair and an international live music line up to match.  General Manager Cade Hopman said Caxton Street will come alive with Americana rock once again, drawing in both new and existing generations of patrons to listen to local and international bands hitting the state. “Letfy’s will bring back the people that love to sit back, take in the atmosphere and dance until the early hours of the morning. Everyone wants to have an experience they can live on in their mind and in their heart,” Mr Hopman said.

Lefty’s notorious rockabilly attitude and flair will be preserved through it’s cintage chandeliers, scarlet walls, giant gilt mirrors, black leather candlelit booths and an opulent curved bar overlooked by giant moose heads, a bear and a peacock mounted in the wall alcoves. Trading Thursday to Saturday, Lefty’s is set to reopen to the public in late February 2020.

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