Libertine Parfumerie is a luxury fragrance emporium in the heart of Fortitude Valley. The Robertson Street shop is adorned with exquisite fragrances, bath products and skin care, handpicked from some of the world’s finest brands. The selection of fragrances available at Libertine consist of high concentrates of essential oils and no synthetic ingredients.

Libertine offers exceptional customer service including a Perfume Masterclass that is designed to indulge customers in a sensory experience guided by a fragrance connoisseur. To assist participants in choosing a fragrance that is perfectly suited to their personality and preferences, they are taken through the Fragrance Wheel. Curated by fragrance author Michael Edwards, the wheel highlights the 14 different scents in a visual display. Libertine pairs each of these scents with signature fragrances and explains the history behind the iconic scents throughout the workshop. As we mature, our preferences change and our taste in fragrance is likely to evolve. The workshop allows the customer to try on the scent, hear about the background and see if it works for them in relaxed environment where they can make the important decision.

Similar to wine tasting, the masterclass starts with the fresh white scent of citrus. The citrus scent has key notes of bergamot and originated from Southern Italy. The citrus fragrance that is showcased is crisp, light and all encapsulating Summer scent. From there we moved clockwise around the Fragrance Wheel and learnt about the scents of water, green, fruity, floral, oriental, woods and aromatic. Each scent is accompanied by a stellar designer fragrance and rich history. Designer fragrances such as Lubin’s Black Jade and Costume National’s So Nude, are showcased and participants are able to try them on the skin for the full experience.

Libertine has created an experience that adds emotion and sentiment to fragrance, transforming it from a part of our beauty routines to a part of our lives.

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