Lonely Planet has collaborated with NASA for the world’s first guidebook to The Universe.

On a journey further than they have ever taken before, Lonely Planet has collaborated on the venture with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, using their latest data to create a detailed guide to The Universe, highlighting the solar system, outer space, as well as the science of space.

The book features a Foreword by award-winning science educator Bill Nye the Science Guy and touches down on the planets of our solar system, and venturing to the edge of the known Universe via exoplanets, newborn stars, supernova remnants, galaxy superclusters and more, discovering space’s most astonishing sites.

With 608 pages, 553 photos and 14 planets, this guide gives you detailed planetary guides with local highlights and facts, the ability to discover more than 150 amazing stars, exoplanets, and galaxies, and gives you the low-down on space travel, physics, and NASA’s research.

Lonely Planet said by the end of the book “you’ll have a sense for the structure of the entire Universe as well as some of the big questions we still have as we ponder our place in it.  You may not be able to plan your next vacation on the basis of planetary moons, exoplanets and stunning nebulae featured, but you’ll find lots to amaze and awe.” The Universe lets you explore space in the same way you would the rest of the world, Lonely Planet in hand.

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