Couch company Maker&Son will join the Australian marketplace with plans to shake-up the Australian retail industry. Maker&Son is a disruptive digital brand selling luxury furniture online made entirely from natural materials, changing the way people buy luxury furniture globally.

The company was founded by father and step-son duo Alex Willcock and Felix Conran. The brand launched in January this year, and had immediate sales enquiries around the world, sales were so strong within Australia that the brand signed an agreement with a local manufacturer within two months. Alex was the brainstrust behind Country Road homewares in Australia and spearheaded what is now the well known retail success story.

Alex is certain he is onto the new wave of quality and craftsmanship in the homewares industry by pioneering the new way of selling and purchasing homewares. “Maker&Son is without question a disruptor, actively challenging the luxury end of a stale industry, Maker&Son has fully embraced technology and created a digital world for customers that allows it to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, quality and luxury design in a range of minimalist products that would otherwise be unaffordable for customers,” Alex said. “Maker&Son prides itself on being a truly eco brand, having a natural product that will last a lifetime is the keystone of Maker&Son and is not only the future but the only way to consider the future, we pride ourselves in that our locally manufactured product isn’t just good for the environment but they’re the world’s most comfortable couches too.”

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