Tommy Pham has pulled together a cookbook full of mouth-watering recipes that will help families to develop a love of food through cooking. There are easy and fool-proof family recipes inspired by his Vietnamese heritage, as well as Asian-inspired meals and snacks that have twists and hacks for making meal time as smooth as possible. Jam-packed with 60 recipes and fun kitchen activities, this book will definitely inspire families to develop a love for food through cooking and play.

This book is perfect to get the kids involved in cooking and keep them busy with entertaining activities that encourage laughter and play in the kitchen. Bring the family together and explore fresh and flavoursome food that everyone can enjoy, like Vietnamese braised pork belly, Hanoi chicken noodle soup, creamy mango coconut sago and much more.

From kindergarten teacher to Masterchef star, Tommy Pham has always loved exotic foods. He has brought that passion to the kitchen, creating recipes inspired by his childhood. For Tommy, food offers an indelible connection to his family and Vietnamese heritage. Tommy is immersed in the world of food for kids. With two young boys of his own, every day he is in the kitchen, creating fun, flavoursome meals and doing his favourite thing – sharing them.

With more than 102,000 followers on Instagram and being a fan favourite chef on Masterchef seasons 13 and 14, Tommy’s goal is to share his love for cooking through easily accessible recipes for the whole family to take part in creating, while also sharing some time-saving hacks.

The cookbook, titled My Family Kitchen, will be released on July 4. Pre-order it here.

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