Redefining your night out in the Fortitude Valley is OCHE dart bar.

The place certainly has a very stylish and sleek, yet lustrous feel to it. The combination of its’ warm, aesthetic colours with the design of the individual dart playing areas creates an ambiance that will make you feel like a pro dart player (even if you’re not). It must not be left unsaid that this is likely conducive to the bar being nestled in the heritage listed brick walls of a 115-year old Flour Mill.

Operations manager Nick Learbourn says that coming to the dart bar is a time to put down the phone and really enjoy the moment with your friends. And I could not agree more. The modern, electronic dart boards mean you have a selection of different easy-to-follow games. Just throw and let the board do the rest. On top of that, the menu is composed of a range of dishes (suiting all dietary preferences) that are designed to eat with one hand.

And if it doesn’t get better than that, the food is also sourced locally meaning that you can enjoy different seasonal flavours all year round. The one hand food menu is a part of OCHE being Brisbane’s first “environmentally considerate venue” which is why you won’t find cutlery. But you will find the waste being disposed of in a sustainable manner and a selection of local brews which are given precedence.

If throwing pointy metal sticks at a wall is not striking the right chords, then that is why this bar is still so great. The extra seating space near the kitchen means you and your friends can enjoy your time away from any distraction of the games. Or if another game is what you are looking for, then you can make yourself acquaintance with a unique game of Shuffleboard, an old European game that feels like a mix between air hockey and pool.

Pronounced: ockey
Definition: the line which players must stand behind in the game of darts

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