The brainchild of co-directors and creative masterminds Madison and Reuben, the Ocean Club is a new Gold Coast-based marketplace for industry professionals, trades, builders, architects, developers, home designers, and renovators to showcase and browse the wares of local makers.

Born out of a lack of opportunity to truly collaborate and showcase work in a stylised setting, the Ocean Club takes advertising to a new level. Not only are a variety of wares showcased, but they are styled in the context of the home, inviting vendors and artists to spread the word about their business and  generate awareness of their craft. Such an industry-forward space creates an eco-system for trades to complement one another’s services and access additional merchandising channels.

“It’s a one-stop-shop – our vision is to create a cultural hub housing art galleries to trade displays to event hire to studio shoots,” said Madison. Collaboration is central to the Ocean Club. Madison and Reuben aim to build and nurture a strong community presence reflective of the laidback Gold Coast lifestyle. The space triples as a showroom, creative studio, and event hall to host local businesses, photoshoots, and community events. “We aim to foster a clubhouse of trades, makers, and crafters to enjoy the space. We believe there is no point doing what we do if there isn’t anybody to enjoy it with.”

The OC will open on 30 September, ready to house creative and trade services showcasing local innovation in trade, art, design, and culture. “From the moment you pull up, you are taken on a visual journey,” said Madison. “From our Art Deco inspired facade, you are welcomed through our exquisite front doors into a beautifully curated lounge room with midcentury inspired furnishing.”

The lounge stylisation continues through to a kitchen setup, which leads into a Mediterranean-inspired bathroom, and a beverage bar for staff and clients, with a window peering over the water towards the Gold Coast hinterland.

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