Brisbane fashion designer Pamela Easton is a remarkable reflection of her creations – bright, eccentric and striking.

Pamela’s bubbly personality and smile is infectious as she poses proudly in front of her first collection under self-titled label, Pamela Easton. The collection is bursting with radiant garments handcrafted to be both unique and practical, and despite launching the label only last December, Pam already has plans to release two trans-seasonal collections each year. Because, you see, Pam has never been one to move slowly. She dove into the fashion industry as a merchandiser and buyer for Australian women’s fashion store Sportsgirl, where she discovered her passion for textiles and design.

Following her 10-year stint at the street style brand, the fashion forward designer launched her now iconic label with friend Lydia Pearson, Easton Pearson. A staple for many Australian women, the line was extremely successful, showing at Australian Fashion Week, until passing the final milestone in 2017, when the label’s entire 3300 piece archive was bought by Dr Paul Eliadis and gifted to the Museum of Brisbane.

After 35 years in fashion, Pam has been witness to the evolution of the industry, watching as designs become disposable, fashion cycles become faster, and how rapidly chains stores multiply.  Despite her fast paced work ethic, Pamela is very much an advocate for slow fashion. “Fast fashion is a problem in the industry in general because these brands are not so conscious of sustainability and ethical practices and that is something that I’m interested in,” Pamela sighs.

The designer prides her own label Pamela Easton on longevity, having been designed thoughtfully with sustainability at the beginning. She is creating pieces that can be worn for years, rather than items that are worn today and discarded tomorrow. She wants to create a future for the craftspeople who bring her designs to life, giving them the opportunity to succeed. “It is about ensuring that the people that make the clothes are paid correctly, work in good conditions and are generally treated in a very humane way, like how we would like to be treated.” Pamela spends a great deal of time with her production team in India, inspiring and sourcing new collections, as she holds a deep appreciation for her workers’ incredible textile skills that have been passed down through generations. Pam believes in nurturing these skills, together creating striking, unique and timeless pieces.

And that is how her first collection under her new label came to be. Brimming with statement pieces featuring embroidery or vivid prints, Pamela’s designs do not follow a certain theme, drawing inspiration from whatever piques her interest at the time. An assembly of cotton, cotton sateen and pure silk, each garment is carefully curated, reflecting exactly what fashion should be – exhilarating, laced with the history and skill of its craftspeople and an outlet for individual expression. Pam’s inspiring attitude, big heart and work ethic has allowed her to create a line that is not only fashionable, but full of love.

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