The Museum of Brisbane has introduced a new Public Art Walking Tour to celebrate Spring in the city. Although we cannot go traveling this year, we can still have a trip around our own city.

Unlike typical city tour, this 90-minute walking tour will allow you to have a new perspective of Brisbane. Rather than visiting attractions, the tour showcases the art, history, and culture of Brisbane’s public sphere. The tour will invite you to visit the city’s plethora of public art and examine dynamic additions to Brisbane’s squares, lanes, foyers and streetscapes, which features artworks from the early 1900s, to modern installations and laneway art.

Through exploring the artworks in the city, you can discover the stories behind the artworks. Additionally, you can gain a deeper insight into artist’s approach and perspective. The new Public Art Walking Tour is an exciting new addition to Museum of Brisbane’s highly popular Walking in Wartime and History on the Hill walking tours. While the Walking in Wartime tour allows you to know more about the Battle of Brisbane during World War II, the History on the Hill tour reveals the hidden history of Spring Hill.

If you are planning for your weekend, why don’t you explore the city with your friends and family together? The walking tour is available to book now with tours

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