We spoke to Shaun Lockyer, Director of Shaun Lockyer Architects, about his favourite room, living and adventures.

Favourite international holiday destination, and why?

I love the tropical islands in South East Asia as they combine a great escape, relaxed vibe, warm people, awesome food and world-class scuba diving. What could be better?

Ultimate Australian escape, and why?

Lord Howe Island. This is arguably one of the most beautifully unspoilt and magical places on earth. If I did not have a house on North Stradbroke Island, I would have said ‘Straddie’ but it is my second home now and as such, not technically an escape (albeit still is for me).

Which do you prefer – country or city living, and why?

From a work perspective I love the richness and diversity of the city but I do a lot of work that takes us out to incredible landscapes in the country which I certainly enjoy. Variety is what it is all about!

Favourite room in your home, and why?

Our double height living room is very much the centre of gravity in our home and we love it there. It is high volume, flooded with light and adorned with heaps of artwork. It is a modern but eclectic room which is very much my personal tilt.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be, and what would you serve?

Of living people, I would find it hard to go past Barack Obama or Elon Musk. These may be predictable choices but they are both people that have increasingly shown their humanity and compassion in a way that sets them apart from what we have come to expect of leadership. It would seem appropriate to prepare a gorgeous vegan meal … I am not vegan, but if we are talking compassion, you want to be consistent!

A weekend in spring is best spent …

Surfing at Adder Rock, North Stradbroke Island.