Remodern’s aesthetic of essential minimalism reflects its respect for a progressive design that merges industrial materials, luxurious finishes and exceptional craftsmanship, and it extends to the bathroom as well. From mirrors and wall tiles to basins and accessories, Remodern offers customers with products that are beneficial to the body and soul.

The mirrors by Sean Dix and BUZAO showcases the Hong Kong-based American designer Sean Dix’s innate understanding of materials, craftsmanship and functionality as well as BUZAO’sexperimental approach to materials, design and sustainability – expressed in theME Lava Mirror. Available in rectangular, square and round, Sean Dix Velodrome mirrors have solid hardwood frames with a continuous banked edge, which inspired the name Velodrome. BUZAO’s approach contrasts the rough, irregular form and porous texture of raw lava stone with a perfectly round, smooth and reflective polished stainless steel mirror.

Chinese design studio Bentu produces a range of recycled-concrete wall tiles that create intriguing sculptural effects and bring three-dimensionality to two-dimensional surfaces. Striking on their own or in a cluster, the hexagonal San and Six tiles explore geometry and depth with folded volumes and raised and recessed lines that create illusions of form, light, shade and pattern. Similarly, the square Wave tile has an undulating surface that creates a hypnotic three-dimensional ripple across the wall. Like all of Bentu’s concrete products, the material has inherent natural variances in texture and colour that make each tile unique. Bentu’s exquisite craftsmanship extends to its Hui concrete and ceramic basins that have perfectly smooth edges and forms.

A range of accessories complement the vanity basins and wall tiles and are beautiful together or on their own. Soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush and toothpaste holders are captivating and functional with forms and shapes in harmony with the Bentu bathroom range.

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