HK Stories put on by the Supercell Dance Festival and showcased at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Thursday 4 April was a captivating evening of short works from three of Hong Kong’s acclaimed dance choreographers: Joseph Lee, Rebecca Pik Kei Wong, and Wayson Poon. Each of the performances explored and challenged modern day issues surrounding censorship, technology and urbanisation.

Through meticulously controlled movement, Joseph Lee distorted the rules of contemporary theatre in a provoking performance entitled Folding Echoes. It is clear that Joseph is experienced in evoking emotion and much of the shows entertainment factor could be attributed to his breaking the fourth wall and engaging the audience through discussion. Taken on a roller-coaster road of emotion, viewers were moved from hysterical laughter to intense feelings of melancholy.

The second performance  choreographed by Rebecca Pik Kei Wong was a raw demonstration surrounding ideas of censorship and the female body. Confronting in the best of ways, Rebecca and dance partner Ivy Tsui balanced a myriad of movements, ranging from slow and flowing, to manic and jarring. This performance was highly provoking and added to discourse around who owns our body and freedom of expression.

Bringing the evening to a powerful close, Wayson Poon brought his performance In,visible(cities); to life with Adrian Yeung. Highly relevant in the 21st century, this showcase encapsulated the idiosyncrasies of a life with technology. Opening with a discussion between performer and “Siri” the production shifted between real and virtual landscapes until the two blended and the performers seemed to get lost in transience.

The themes of the performances were heightened by the real-time sequencing and the changing of scenes that weren’t hidden from the viewer. HK Stories was certainly a thought-provoking showcase that left audience members reflecting on modern-day issues.

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