Vapiano is the pizza and pasta bar Australia has come to know and love but now, its shaking things up in the world of Italian food, introducing zoodles – zucchini noodles – to its menu.

This healthy pasta alternative is a nutritious low carb option easily added to any favourite existing Vapiano dish. Of course, if I was going to go for the low carb option for main, there was no harm in getting entrée, right? Bruschetta was the obvious way to go – delicious crispy bread with the classic mix of tomato, onion, garlic, herbs and olive oil goes down a treat right before a classic pasta dish.

Having attempted making zucchini noodles at home before, I was not sure what to expect when my zoodles arrived at the table. My attempts always failed, either making the noodles too soggy and watery. Paired with my go-to favourite dish Gamberi, I took my first bite with an open mind. The verdict? Vapiano zoodles are delicious.

Well-cooked and a nice pair with the sauce and wholesome flavours of the dish, zoodles are a serious contender to pasta. Not only do they taste great, they left me feeling just as full and satisfied as pasta. So don’t be a noodle – try some zoodles at your nearest Vapiano restaurant.

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