LG Electronics introduces a brand new AI-enabled robotic vaccuum. R9 CordZero Robot Vacuum includes LG’s own AI technology and compatibility with Google Assistant for voice control of the cleaner.

The R9 uses an on-board camera and laser sensor to analyse the spaces in your home by mapping its path as it vacuums around the rooms. This means the R9 learns how to clean your house more effectively over time, as it knows how to get in and out of every part of your home. The MyZone feature that comes with the vacuum uses the established maps of your home to let you select specific areas, via a smartphone app, to either clean or leave untouched depending on your preference.

The vaccum’s camera affords it some useful functions, like the HomeView feature which lets you access the machine remotely, via a compatible smartphone, so you can view inside your home using the front-mounted camera and control the vacuum’s motion. With the HomeGuard feature, the vacuum can be positioned in a set location and enabled to detect movement or unexpected motion. If something is detected it takes five pictures of the area and sends them to a connected smartphone.

Some other useful functions include the Smart Quick Charge feature. If the battery runs low before the vacuum has finished its full cleaning schedule, it will automatically return to its docking station to charge for a short time. The R9 will assess the amount of battery recharging time required, charge the battery and then recommence cleaning to complete the remainder of the designated task.

The R9 also has a Smart Inverter Motor which means when the vacuum detects certain carpet types, walls or heavy concentrations of dust, it will switch to turbo mode and increase suction power for a more thorough clean.

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