South Australian family winery Taylors Wines is helping wine lovers chill this summer with the perfect glass of vino on a floating Cellar Door in Sydney Harbour.

For one weekend only, the award-winning Clare Valley winery will host the memorable tasting experiences aboard a custom-built glass-lined tasting room set upon a floating barge in the middle of the harbour. Taylors Cellar Door at Sea hopes to prove that popping a red wine in the fridge is not taboo, but necessary to achieving the perfect balance of flavour and aroma in a Shiraz or Pinot all year round, says Managing Director and Winemaker, third-generation Mitchell Taylor. “For years now we’ve hoped to shed a light on a misconception about red wines – that they need to be served at ‘room temperature’. This is an antiquated recommendation from way back when that actually has a negative impact on the enjoyment of our classic Aussie reds,” said Mitchell. “Taylors Cellar Door at Sea is heading out into the middle of Sydney Harbour to prove just how delicious chilled reds can be, especially during summer. And by combining the perfect view in one of the world’s most notable destinations, we have all the elements to create the perfectly chilled wine experience.”

Guests will depart via water taxi from the Sydney Opera House jetty. They will arrive at Taylors fully appointed floating Cellar Door (a custom-fit 40-foot shipping container) where they will enjoy iconic views from within the glass-lined walls. Once inside, they will enjoy a temperature-themed wine tasting using the newly released Riedel Extreme range of glassware, all guided by British chef-duo and friends to Taylors, Will Stewart and Steve Flood.

All of this created in the hope that guests will discover, through temperature, the secret ingredients to the perfect glass of wine. Taylors Cellar Door at Sea sets sail Friday 7 December to Sunday 9 December with bookings for 60-minute group temperature tastings between 11am and 9pm daily.

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