Baillie Lodges has announced a popular new addition to its portfolio of luxury lodges, with Tropical North Queensland’s luxurious Silky Oaks Lodge set to team-up in April, 2019.

Located in Daintree National Park along the Mossman River bank, Silky Oaks Lodge is a tranquil rainforest retreat perfect for a relaxing getaway. There are plenty of activities on offer such as guided walks, yoga, day trips to Port Douglas, safari’s, a private charter, jungle surfing, Indigineous guides walks and even hot air ballooning.

Both lodges signed a joint-venture agreement with KSL Capital Partners and within weeks, Baillie Lodges are set to get things moving as they are committed to grow its portfolio of luxury accommodation. Baillie Lodges will invest in property enhancements and product developments at Silky Oaks Lodge in the coming months, ensuring that all guests experience their trademark standard of care.

As a destination experience for guests, the discovery of Silky Oaks Lodge at Daintree is an ideal complement to the Baillie Lodges’ collection, which includes a one-of-a-kind Australian outback experience offered at Uluru-Kata Tjuta. The Southern Ocean Lodge located on remote coastal line at Kangaroo Island and lastly, the luxurious Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island. In addition, the talented staff at Silky Oaks will join the team Baillie Lodges with future opportunities for all staff to work at other lodges in the portfolio. Recruitment will also commence for a new senior management team at the property.

Baillie Lodges Founder and Executive Chairman, James Baillie, said he was delighted to welcome Silky Oaks Lodge to the family. “We see great benefits in Silky Oaks Lodge joining Baillie Lodges where there are so many synergies, including our relationship with the travel trade, opportunities for staff, supplier and cost efficiencies and above all, an enriched experience for our guests,” Mr Baillie said.

“It’s very special for me to reignite my involvement in Silky Oaks Lodge, having joined the iconic property as General Manager when it was first acquired by P&O Resorts and then leading its continued development – alongside the likes of Lizard and Bedarra Islands – in my former role as Managing Director of P&O Australian Resorts.”

Owner managers of Silky Oaks Lodge’s for more than nine years, Paul and Barbara Van Min, have led the property’s direction and welcomed thousands of domestic and international guests to their haven. Their hard-work, dedication and passion for what they do has given them the well-deserved recognition of being among Australia’s Best Luxury Lodges, and rightfully so.

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